NajiMD is a the latest scientific breakthrough in skincare products. Combining the most innovative skin science with the tried and true wisdom of the earliest skincare methods, NajiMD delivers with a superior physician-backed product. Our entire product line has undergone rigorous testing methods to ensure not only quality but consistency throughout our entire skincare line. So explore the entire NajiMD product line and find a skincare regime that is perfectly suited to your skin and composition.


  • “It has literally been impossible to find a moisturizer for aging skin, that is prone to breaking out, until I discovered ReVerse Creme. It is literally a miracle in a jar, that I can’t live without.”

    Laura G.
    blonde woman
  • “I never thought a cleanser could make such a difference! Within a week the Crystal Clean cleanser brightened and cleared my stubborn, break-out prone skin.”

    Anja J.
  • “I love the IQ Brilliance Eye Serum! It’s so rich and unique and has really strengthened the thin skin around my eyes.

    Ana Y.
    d. liu